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    In order to open an account, you have to send required documents to our email
    For residents: Original passport, TIN of an individual, Plastic card details (card number, transit account), Email, Phone number.
    For non-residents: Original passport, TIN, Personal bank account, Email, Phone number.
    Once you’ve opened account with Portfolio Investments, you’ll need to fund your account before you can start investing. This is done by using app called Payme or through a direct bank transaction. Please note, funding for your trading account can take awhile to clear. Please contact Portfolio Investment’s Support Center with any questions.
    No, we don’t charge fees for depositing or withdrawing funds from trading account, but when you want to withdraw funds from your account bank might take a fee.
    At the moment the only way to trade on a stock market is by using official website developed by Information-resource center of Capital market. Log in to your account. From your dashboard, you can open a separate browser tab for stock order or bond order.
    On Uzbek stock exchange, you can trade stocks and bonds from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. (GMT+5 (Tashkent-Karachi time zone)).
    You can buy a wide range of investments, including: – Stocks – Bonds
    All payments will be sent directly to your bank card by the company whose securities you hold
    Log in to your account. From your dashboard, choose account menu and in drop-down menu select Transaction Details. To filter your view and access records of all trades executed in the current calendar year, change dates in the period drop-down menu for the Time Period of Current Year, then Apply Filters.
    To unblock your account, you need to contact Portfolio Investment’s Support Center and verify your identity, then we will reset your password.
    Yes, you can transfer your shares to another broker.
    Call us at +998 (99) 444 53-53 to close your account. There are no fees for closing an account.
    Please send any questions, comments, or feedback to or call us at +998 (99) 444 53-53.

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